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Austin Estate Planning Attorney Reviews

”We found Melissa Myers by online recommendations and were not disappointed with our choice. She was pleasant, thoughtful, and accommodating with all of our questions and concerns regarding estate planning.

We were able to safely complete our appointments via zoom. In fact, she helped break down all parts of the planning for us (will, medical power of attorney, living will) and was helpful in letting us know what we should do and what parts would be added expenses and (for our needs) not really necessary. Her office was great with reminders and scheduling.

Getting our plans in order lifted a weight off our shoulders as parents and will help line things up for our children when the time comes.

We cannot say enough good things about her. She made what we feared was a daunting task manageable and achievable.“
– Sew A. / Austin, TX

”I don’t have enough words to describe how outstanding Melissa has been to work with. She assisted in setting up a Revocable Trust for me along with all the other critical documents i.e., Durable and Medical POA, Guardianship in the event of incapacity, Disposition of Remains, Last Will and Testament, and a Medical Directive. She’s a consummate professional, remarkably efficient, and above all caring. Getting this all done as painlessly as she made it has made me feel so good about making the decision and doing right by my family. What better gift to give them than knowing the work has already been done. Working with Melissa has been just a terrific experience.“
– Kathy M. / Austin, TX
”First they helped me with my estate planning, wills, etc., and did a great job, then they were superb in setting up a new business LLC. Excellent work on a timely basis! Highly recommend.“
– David D. / Hood River, OR

”We had been talking about making a will for quite some time and when the Covid-19 situation arose, we decided it was at the top of our list. We contacted a couple of other estate planning attorneys in the area, but one came across as very abrupt in personality and the other had very confusing and wonky pricing. Melissa was very thorough and down-to-earth in her response, and her pricing very straightforward and easy to understand.

Because of the shelter in place restrictions, we conducted our meetings through zoom. Melissa was so very nice and helpful with every question we had! Trust me, she has the kind of personality you will absolutely like, and is very knowledgeable regarding estate planning and law. We sent her several emails and she was always very prompt in answering and very thorough.

Our final signing was done in her office parking lot, maintaining 6ft distancing and gloves and masks. Despite all the restrictions, everything went smoothly and we were very happy that the whole process was so easy during these difficult times.

Thank you, Melissa!“
– Sandi N. / Austin, TX

”I recently utilized StoneMyers Law for Estate Planning legal needs. Melissa was outstanding! Very professional and thorough, offering sound legal advice. I would highly recommend this law firm.“
– Sam W. / Buda, TX

”I needed assistance in executing a will as the executor and I am happy to report that everything was handled EXCEPTIONALLY well. The members of the staff were all courteous and very knowledgeable.

I have since returned for assistance in updating my will and Trust.

The charges were always fair and equitable for services rendered.

I highly recommend StoneMyers Law.“
– J. B. / Austin, TX

”No one likes estate planning but StoneMyers law made the process very easy from start to finish. It is comforting knowing my affairs are in order if something happens. Would recommend to anyone needing to do their estate planning.“
– Kirk G. / Austin, TX

”Making a Will may seem scary to some. It may seem morbid. Or it may seem like something to do in old age. But there are many reasons to make a will long before retirement age. I’m traveling internationally this summer. I’ll be visiting a lot of different foreign countries. I’ll be further from home than I’ve ever been before. I’ll be doing exciting things like zip-lining, deep-sea fishing, interacting with exotic animals, etc. While I’m so excited about these adventures, I started thinking about what I’m leaving behind in Texas when I travel. I have my dogs, Penny and Ruby. If something were to happen to me, what would happen to them? I have my business with 2 locations, 16 employees, and 2500+ clients. If something happened to me, what would happen to my company? What would happen to my employees and their jobs? I realized that I have a lot of responsibilities and people whose lives would be affected. No, I don’t have a lot of assets or wealth, but a Will is not just a document to designate who inherits your assets when you die. There are so many aspects of a will that are important, beyond just the distribution of wealth.

After sitting down with Melissa Stone Myers and making my will, there is now a plan in place. If anything were to happen to me, I have designated family members who would step in and take care of my furbabies. I have designated family members that I would leave my company to, who I know would keep it running so that none of my employees would lose their jobs, and none of my clients would lose their dog daycare where their dog has been going for years. There is also the living will–if I were to sustain an injury leaving me unable to care for myself, I’ve designated who I would want to take me in and care for me. Yes, it seems scary to think about that, but it’s worth it to think about and make a plan.

I am so happy with the experience at StoneMyers Law! Melissa has walked me through every step of this process with ease. I am so happy that I’ve done this, and now I feel confident that I can travel with ease knowing that there is a well-thought-out plan in place.“
– DeDe L. / Austin, TX

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