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The Season for Giving: Donate Appreciated Assets to boost your Charitable Impact

Many clients donate to charities in the spirit of holiday giving. Not all gifts have the same impact, however. Did you know that donating appreciated assets can have a bigger financial impact on the charitable organization than a gift of the cash proceeds from that same asset? Donating the appreciated asset (1) allows the charity to receive the full benefit of the asset (rather than receive the asset proceeds after capital gains taxes are paid); and (2) allows the donor to realize a greater personal income tax deduction from the gift of that asset. Note that the asset must have been held more than a year and that the IRS requires an independent appraisal for all non-cash gifts valued at more than $5000 that are not traded on an exchange/easily marketable. For more information on donating your appreciated assets to a donor-advised fund, see your trusted Financial Advisor. (source- Schwab-Investing/Winter 2015)


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