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Legal Considerations for Recent High School Grads

Did you recently celebrate the high school graduation of one of your children? Congratulations! It’s an exciting time with lots to plan for and consider. Now that your child is 18 and likely headed off on their own, there are important legal matters to address, particularly putting a HIPAA waiver and Healthcare Power of Attorney in place. In this time of transition your child is a legal adult but still may need your assistance with medical matters or injuries; however, now that they are legal adults you will not have access to their medical information or the authority to make medical decisions on their behalf if needed. We can help you get the appropriate documents in place! StoneMyers Law provides a HIPAA waiver and Healthcare Power of Attorney package for $200. It’s a quick and simple process and will bring you great peace of mind!
This article contains great information on guidance on other legal considerations for your new legal adult children:


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